Street furniture

Street furniture: wood transformed for street and park installations

Rondino Road, recognized manufacturer of wood structures for road safety, also applies its technologies to design street furniture or street and park furniture. For public or private sector parks, gardens, schools or sports venues, excellent quality installations by the French-based company provide a durable and decorative solution.

Street furniture designed and manufactured by Rondino Road uses wood from European forests owned and sustained by Rondino Road. The wood is treated to ensure protection against rain and sun damage, as well as, to ensure the health of each piece of wood used in street structures. Feel free to consult our certification for our class 4 Wood.

Street furniture: Rondino Road engineering

From picnic tables, benches, street plant pots to a whole range of solid, playground equipment, Rondino Road engineers apply their know-how to producing durable, robust and inviting street and park furniture. A large choice of designs is available to meet the demand for different styles and dimensions; the Rondino Road team also provides complete, made-to-measure wood furniture designs. We invite you to view our photo gallery of outdoor furniture, footbridges, and road safety installations around the world and contact us if you would like any further information or wish to consult us about your future projects.

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