Wood/Steel Guardrail

  •  Glissière mixtes bois métal

RONDINO is the 1st company in Europe to create the wood/steel guardrail in 1984.
We have developed a wide range of safety barriers from N1 to H2.
Our safety barriers have been crash tested at LIER/TRANSPOLIS laboratory and are CE certified by ASCQUER.

The largest experience on wood/steel safety barriers.

A new range of high performance barrier, GRP model from N1 to H1, W1 to W5, with a severity index ASI A for better security for people.

High level for wood quality and durability : Pinus Class 4 – CTB B+ certification
High level for steel quality S355 galvanized
Sustainable forest management – PEFC certification

Company certified :


CTBB+       pefc-logo-fr4101-e1587126973356  

Made in France :