Sport equipment

Sports equipment: outdoor sports and leisure structures

Rondino Road is the specialist manufacturer of wood structures for a whole range of public and private sector facilities. The creator of the first wood and steel guardrails for road safety, the French-based company is a ministry-endorsed supplier of quality wood products.

Discover the range of sports equipment designed and installed by Rondino Road, the engineering team applies its know-how for the creation of outdoor structures, as well as, serve as distributor to one of Denmark’s leading brands in the field, Norwell.

Sports equipment for children, senior citizens, as well as, standard installations for developing the spectrum of fitness markers, Rondino Road, responds to the need for durable, high-quality wood designs: multi-sport spaces, fixed or gliding planks for balance, climbing frames… feel free to view the range of sports equipment models.

Sports equipment: wood for outdoor sports

All Rondino Road sports equipment is manufactured from wood originating from Europe, from forests owned by the company itself, allowing a greater control of each stage of product development for quality and respect for the environment. Learn more about Rondino Road’s class 4 certification and its adherence to quality practices.

If you would like any further information about Rondino Road sports equipment, please contact us.

sport equipment