Wooden poles

Wooden poles: Rondino tradition and innovation

Wooden poles by Rondino Road are widely used for electrical cables and telecommunication cables. Indeed, the quality and strict adherence to required safety standards has earned the French-based company a reputation for excellence and has become the preferred supplier for major electricity and telephony providers in France and abroad.

Robust, hard-wearing wooden poles manufactured to specific requirements installed for both public and private sectors, Rondino Road ensures the quality of its wood during every stage of production, including the responsible maintenance of company-owned forests to the innovative treatment of wood for longevity and resistance against shock, such as the crash-testing used for Rondino Road guardrails.

With a life span of over 40 years, wooden poles have been proven to be an economic and sustainable solution for more than a hundred years and their application as cable poles is particularly adapted, thanks to the inherent properties of both resistance and flexibility of the wood.

Wooden poles: Rondino Road installations

Rondino Road engineers design a whole range of wood structures for road safety, street and park furniture, wooden poles and stakes for different sectors. From standard dimensions to completely customized projects, the Rondino Road team uses the noble, raw material to create products with certified quality and warrantee. If you would like any further information about Rondino Road wooden poles, please contact us.

wooden poles