Wooden stakes

Wooden stakes: wood for industrial applications

Rondino Road is a major supplier of wooden stakes for the agricultural sectors, notably, vineyards and fruit-farming and tree-growing. Indeed, providing wooden stakes for vine-growers was the earliest activity of the French-based company’s predecessor during the 19th century. The quality and reputation for excellence has endured for over a century and today, Rondino continues to ensure all sectors benefit from the durable and robust properties of its wood products.

Wooden stakes for vineyards are treated and manufactured to exact dimensions, standard length from 1.25m to 2.5m. … Rondino Road wood products come with a quality warrantee, customers rely on the health and durability of Rondino Road wood, every phase of production is controlled, including the responsible maintenance of the company-owned forests, the source of the natural, recyclable noble material used.

Wooden stakes: Rondino Road engineering

Rondino Road wood serves several applications: road safety, public leisure and sports areas, schools … wood technology is also applied for the design of footbridges in both country and urban zones. Feel free to learn more about our certified, class 4 wood and our designs and installations.

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